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  • Canon 5DMKIII

    Battery Adaptor

    Atomos Action Pack



  • Nikon D800
    Battery Adaptor
    Atomos Action Pack



Atomos Action Pack Black is specially designed for your Shogun. This kit helps to protects and increase usage of Shogun. It includes Screen Protector, Armor, Black Sunhood with Mask and Travel case.

Screen Protector:
- Reduces reflections and glare in the field
- Protects against scratches and dust
- Removable without leaving sticky residue

- Made from TPU material to protect from bumps and scratches
- Easy to install and remove

- Durable fabric construction that packs flat when not in use
- Sturdy attachment using mounting screws & side velcro
- Elastic slot underneath gives direct access to touch screen
- Extended ledge to protect vents from rain and snow
- Removable magnetic front mask for maximum glare removal

Travel Case:
- Lightweight and durable
- Perfect for including in your camera bag
- Included with Shogun Barebones
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