Wise S3 Express Card
Wise Express Card for Sony XDCAM EX series camcorders

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 Wise S3 Express Card for Sony PMW-EX1, EX1R, EX3, EX30 / PMW-F3 / PMW-320 / PMW-350

Offer Wise 32GB S3 ExpressCard at Singapore

Product Code: SP-32
Wise 32GB S3 Expres Card

Offer Wise 64GB S3 ExpressCard at Singapore

Product Code: SP-64
Wise 64GB S3 Expres Card
Wise 64GB S3 Express Card

Offer Wise 128GB S3 ExpressCard at Singapore

Product Code:
Wise 128GB S3 Expres Card
Wise S3 Express Card 128GB

The S3 card uses ExpressCard technology . It's designed for XDCAM PMW series camcorders long recording flexibility . Featuring high reliability and compact size, the card also offers a high transfer speed USB3.0 to PC or Mac without card reader .
-Upgraded PC card standard with rapid transfer speed .
-Compliant with the ExpressCard™ specification .
-Performs well and more dependably due its perfectly efficient workflow .
-A convenient non-linear design for video editing systems .
-External express card reader unneeded and available for USB3.0 port.
-Record approximately 106min. on HQ mode and 148min. on SP mode (32GB ) / 217min. on HQ mode and 300min. on SP mode (64GB )
-Model No.: SP-32 / SP-64 / SP128
-Capacity : 32GB / 64 GB / 128GB

 Technical Specifications
 ExpressCard / 34 interface  Yes
 Data Port  USB3.0( for SP-32 / SP-64 / SP-128 )
 Data Transfer Speed  480 Mbps(for USB2.0) / 5 Mbps ( for USB3.0)
 Operating Conditions  0 ~ 70
 Storage Conditions  - 40˚C~ 85˚C
 Shock resistance  1,500g
 Insertion / extraction  28,000 times
 Dimensions  75mm * 34mm * 5mm
 Weight  27g
 Voltage  3.3v

-An Available ExpressCard slot or USB 2.0 port on desktop pr notebook-Windows XP or later Mac OS 10.4 or later/ LINUX Kernel 2.4 or later.