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 Visio Light Minima 30

Visio Light Minima 30
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Much more illumination, portable ---High qualities Studio and location lighting
Minima 30 LED, the continuous and upgraded of Minima, convenient and rapid changing of the color temperatures, simply thumb pressed. Save time and trouble for color filter changes, benefits photographer gains more room and time to concentrate in creativity and imagination for different shooting environment and lighting demands.

Much more illumination!!!
The first model of Minima already surpassed other competing led light in the industry by its wider light beam angle and brighter illumination.
Minima 30, is continuing the excellent features of Minima, yet four times brighter illumination with only 30W power draw.
Easy changing, just thumb pressed :
2800K/ 3200K/ 4000K/ 4800K/ 5600K/ 6500K
Easily change to desired color temperature from preset

Super high color rending:
90% above; truly represent the true color of shooting object.

Non-color bias and non-flicking in fully dimming.

Environmental friendly:
Low power consumption, yet high output, only draws 30W power.

Wider light beam angle: 60 degree

Compacted, light and handy size: Easy to be hand carry around.

Power option:
Sony NP series battery / D tap cable.
With NP 750 battery, produces 2.5 hours in continuous shooting.

New designed: Three different positioned shoe mount inlets, it helps photographer changing different lighting position for desired shooting angle much more easily and conveniently.
• Power consumption: 30W
• Input voltage: 12V
• Power supply: Sony NP series battery/ D tap cable/ AC/DC adapter
• Weight: 624g
• Size: 18.5 cm L x 11.5 cm W x 5.8 cm H/
7.28”L x 4.52”W x 2.28”H


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