Video Solutions 8x8 Odyssey Matrix Switcher/Router SDI

VideoSolutions 8x8 SDI Matrix Switcher
VideoSolutions 8x8 Odyssey Matrix SDI Switcher   

Video Solutions 8x8 SDI Matrix Routing Switcher


VideoSolutions 8x8 SDI Matrix Routing Switcher


  • Group switching.
  • External control panel option
  • Remote Control through RS-232 interface

Designed for efficient switching TV studios video sources using SD SDI signal interface. The main distinguishing features are:
- Group switching – first you prepare a number of inputs and outputs and then you can switch all of them by one button;
- The memory for 8 presets;
- Option : external control panel;
- Remote control through RS-232 interface.

- 8 SD SDI video inputs;
- 8 SD SDI video outputs;

The device can work in the structure of videoservers.