Nucomm V-Stream2

V-Stream2 8VSB IF Mod/Demod


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Nucomm V-Stream2Nucomm V-Stream2
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 VSB Modem with Variable Data Rates from 1 to 30 Mbps

Nucomm V-Stream2
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The V-Stream2 8VSB IF Modulator/Demodulator is a 1 RU chassis using fifth generation VSB technology. The unit accepts any input data rate from 1 to 30 Mbps (including ATSC 19.39 Mbps plus a T1 Data Pack) and outputs a 7.5 MHz bandwidth 70 MHz RF signal using advanced 8VSB modulation. When combined with an existing digital-ready STL such as the Nucomm NuLinx series, the V-Stream2 8VSB Mod/Demod provides a fully functional digital link for transporting such digital signals as the ATSC 19.39 HDTV. The system is variable rate capable and senses input data rates from 1 to 30 Mbps. The V-Stream includes an integrated multiplexer, two ASI's or one ASI and one SMPTE-310 I/O. The Data Pack includes a T1, 2 x RS-232 and 8 logic inputs.
8VSB modulation offers excellent link performance and reliability achieved from forward error correction and highly efficient equalization. The forward error correction automatically adjusts to adapt to local conditions.
The V-Stream system can be configured for simplex or duplex operation and is available in hot-standby and space diversity configurations.

  • Variable data rates from 1 to 30 Mbps
  • Integrated multiple input multiplexer/ demultiplexer optional
  • The 8VSB advantages (using fifth generation technology):
    - Optimized forward error correction
    - Advanced adaptive equalization
    - Performs well over long paths and multiple hops
    - Monitoring capability
    - DTV and bit error rate
    - 7.5 MHz spectral efficiency
    - Improved fade margins
  • Multiple interfaces: both SMPTE-310M and DVB-ASI
    - TX input auto-detects SMPTE-310M or DVB-ASI RX output
    - (2) SMPTE-310M, (1) DVB-ASI
  • T1 Data Pack includes: T1, 2 x RS-232, eight logic inputs, four logic and four relay outputs
  • RS-232 performance monitoring includes packet errors and signal quality
  • Universal AC/DC power supply optional

  • DC or universal power supplies
  • Error-free seamless diversity receive switch



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