IDX CW-1 Wireless System


Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter & Receiver System

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IDX CW-1 Wireless SystemIDX CW-1 Wireless System

 IDX CW-1 Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter & Receiver System

IDX CW-1 Wireless System
Product Code: CW1
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CW-1J Package
IDX CW-1 Wireless System
Buy Sell Sales IDX CW-1J Wireless System
CW-1J Set Package:

Consists of

- CW-1



- Battery x 2  and Charger x1

 CW-1 with supplied accessories and Instruction Manual x1
 A-CWJ-TX Battery Adapter for CW-1 TX (Transmitter) with Instruction
 Manual x1 /  Hot Shoe x1
 A-CWJ-RX Battery Adapter for CW-1 RX (Receiver)
with Instruction
 Manualx1 / USB-Pin Cable x1
SSL-JVC50 Battery x 2
LC-2J 2 channel Chargers x1

CW-1 Wireless HDMI Video System
The CW-1 is a compact and affordable wireless TX & RX system, delivering video and embedded audio up to a range of 50m line-of-sight. Video connections are via a HDMI type multi connector. The CW-1 uses DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) for outdoor transmission, and can be mounted on a variety of professional camera rigs and set-ups. There are hotshoe mounting and power options for both TX and RX units include cradle and high capacity battery and simultaneous charger.

Key Features

· Extremely easy to use
Very compact and light weight stick type transmitter and receiver
Uncompressed wireless transmission system for HD and SD video
Utilizing WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology, using 5GHz frequency band (License free frequency

· Multiple video formats and frame rate supported
Video Input / Output: HDMI
Transmit HD Video as far as approx. 30m
Latency less than 1ms
DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) functionally allows to use outdoor


IDX CW-1 Wireless System

CW-1 TX with A-CWJ-TX & SSL-JVC50, available as part of
CW-1 power packages



Specification of CW-1

Frequency 5GHz band Frequency Bandwidth: 40MHz
TX Video / Audio HDMI Plug In x1 HDMI 1.3 conformity
RX Video / Audio HDMI Jack Out x1 HDMI 1.3 conformity
Transmission Method WHDI (MIMO / OFDM)
Power Requirements DC5V (TX: Mini USB Type AB / RX: Pin Jack 3.5öx 1.35ö)
Power Consumption TX: 3.5W max. / RX: 5W max.
Dimensions TX: W915 x D310 x H175(mm) / RX: W990 x D560 x H205(mm)
Weight TX: 20g / RX: 60g
Video Format 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/29.97p, 1080/25p, 1080/24p, 1080/23.98p,
720/59.94p, 720/50p, 525i/59.94, 625i/50, 525p/59.94, 625p/50,
Transmission Mode UNICAST only
Transmission Range Approx. 30m/100ft Line of Sight (depends on condition)
Latency Less than 1msec
CW-1 Packing List

CW-1 TX (Transmitter)
· CW-1 RX (Receiver)
· AC Adapter for RX
· DC cable for AC adapter
· HDMI angled adapter (Female-Female)
· HDMI cable for RX
· USB cable for TX (for TX power supply)
· HDMI cable/adapter for the TX not included.
IDX CW-1 Package
Optional Accessories of CW-1


Product Code: ACWJTX

 Buy Sell Sales IDX A-CWJ-TX

Battery Adapter for CW-1 TX (Transmitter)


· A battery adapter designed to be used with SSL-JVC50 battery and outputs DC5V.

· DC5V will be output through USB connector.

· The battery adapter can be mount to the hot shoe on video cameras.


Output voltage DC5V
Input voltage DC9V-6.5V
Dimension W112 x H72 x D89(mm)
W4.41 x H2.84 x D3.51(inches)
Weight Approx. 250g /0.56lbs



Product Code: ACWJRX
 Buy Sell Sales IDX A-CWJ-RX

Battery Adapter for CW-1 RX (Receiver)

· A battery adapter designed to be used with SSL-JVC50 battery and outputs DC5V.
· DC5V will be output through USB connector.

Output voltage DC5V
Input voltage DC9V-6.5V
Dimension W112 x H33 x D58(mm)
W4.41 x H1.26 x D2.29(inches)
Weight Approx. 85g /0.19lbs


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Wireless System
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