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AntonBauer QR-DXCM3A


Gold Mount Plate for Sony BVP Series Cameras, JVC and Ikegami Portable Monitors
Battery and Power: 3 Stud Anton Bauer
                                Power Tap Connection
                                4-Pin XLR
Mount Type:             Mounts to rear of Equipment
Voltage:                  12-14.4 VDC



Anton Bauer QR-JVCDIGI Gold Mount Plate - for JVC GY-HD200/250 HDV Camcorder
Battery and Power: 3 Stud Anton Bauer
                                Power Tap Connection
                                7.2 VDC Camera Power

Mount Type:            Mounts to Rear of Camcorder

Voltage:                  12-14.4 VDC for Power Tap
                                7.2 VDC for Camera
Video professionals unanimously consider the extremely slim and compact UniPac an essential accessory of every camera/camcorder package. The UniPac consists of an Anton/Bauer Gold Mount with integral belt loops and a 5 ft. power cable with a standard 4-pin XLR connector.The UniPac allows any Anton/Bauer Gold Mount battery to power any piece of portable 12-14 volt equipment with a standard 4-pin XLR DC input.
Thus camera/camcorder batteries can also be used to power most other portable video equipment including VCRs, monitors, test gear, etc. Additionally in cold climates or in tight spaces, the UniPac allows the battery to be removed from the rear of the camera/camcorder and worn on a belt or placed in some other appropriate place.

The QR-UNIV consists of an Anton/Bauer Gold Mount and a 20" integral cable with 4 pin right angle XLR connector. Ideal for powering any portable video equipment with a 4 pin XLR DC input.
- Snap-On 30/13 - Accepts two Pro Pac, TrimPac or HyTRON batteries of the same voltage. In the 13 volt mode the batteries are in series providing extended run times for any 12 volt portable device such as cameras, VTRs, or 12 volt lighting. Switch to the 30 volt mode and the two batteries are placed in series to provide high voltage power for powering 30 volt lighting applications such as HMI ballasts. Separate output connectors for 13 volt (standard 4 pin XLR) and 30 volt (2 pin). For Power and Charging cables click here. Features leather belt, quick release military buckle and Lexan control module with voltage indicator, dual voltage switch and 10 amp circuit breaker. Not for use with 12 volt batteries. 100 watt maximum output.

(Quad Battery Holder-HD)

The QBH-HD is a required accessory for the video/film dual voltage world of HD production.  Using any 4 Gold Mount batteries (the high power HyTron 140/100 are recommended), QBH-HD will output both 14.4 and 28.8 volts simultaneously - bridging the power gap between HD video cameras and film accessories.  The 28 volt output can handle HMI lighting ballasts as well as film cameras. QBH-HD is especially valuable in production environments where equipment needs to operate for long periods of time or for extending operating time of equipment at high current loads up to 10 amps.  QBH-HD features three 4 pin XLR outputs @14.4 volts and a single 2-pin Amphenol output @ 28.8 volts.  10 amp externally replaceable fuse. 12.3" x 4.6" x 2.6", 2 lbs. (31.37 x 11.81 x 6.73cm, 0.92kg)
-These Universal Gold Mount Kits include hardware for mounting on virtually any portable equipment than can be powered from 12-14 volts DC. Many video professionals have installed these mounts on waveform monitors, vector scopes, and microwave transmitters/receivers. Powering an entire video operation from a single type battery/charger system is the ultimate convenience and economy.

- This standard size Gold Mount measures 4.7" x 3.7" x 0.5" thick and can be mounted in any convenient location on a piece of equipment.

- Compact Universal Gold Mount Kit with mounting hardware and wire terminals - This Gold Mount is similar to the QR-GOLD above but is approximately 3/4" smaller (4.7" x 3.0" x 0.5" thick) which makes it ideal for mounting to small devices. Due to its smaller design, the QRC-GOLD must be mounted with its top edge flush with one edge of the equipment on which it is installed.
- Gold Mount to 12 volt automobile adaptor. Allows the use of any Anton/Bauer Gold Mount battery to power virtually any device - cellular phone, CD player and others - with the device's automobile cigarette lighter power adaptor. Gold Mount batteries will provide virtually unlimited power for these devices - a valued feature in the field.
  NP/BP Adapter
Adapts NP or BP-90 style battery boxes to mount to equipment fitted with an Anton/Bauer Gold Mount.  NP/BP battery box not included.  NOT A CHARGE ADAPTOR, the NP/BP cannot be used to charge batteries.
Adapts any Gold Mount to accept a standard 4 pin XLR connector.
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