ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount


Shoulder mount for Sony PMW-300



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ST-7S300 Shoulder MountST-7S300 Shoulder Mount
 ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for Sony PMW-300 Camcorder
Features of ST-7S300
· Best balanced mechanical design

· Soft-type shoulder pad

· BNC terminal

· Power supply from V-mount Battery

· XLR & TAP-DC output for camera accessories

Applicable model:
Sony PMW-300

ST-7S300 Main Features

•  Light & robust aluminum die-cast body, which is designed just fit to the compact body of PMW-300.
•  Great weight balance can be established on the shoulder of camera operator.
•  Soft type shoulder pad is very comfortable even for the long time shooting works.
•  V-mount batteries can be attached onto ST-7S300 and the regulated 12V power is supplied to PMW-300.
•  XLR-4pin DC input is available for stable event recording.
•  XLR-4pin and the CamTap-2pin DC outputs are available for the power supply to camera light & external monitor.
•  Three BNC terminals are useful for quick-release of the cables, or to prevent the mechanical break of the original BNC
   connectors on the camcorder
•  ST-7S300 can be attached directly onto the VCT-14 /VCT-U14 tripod adaptor.
•  The DC power switch is available at the same position as shoulder-mount type cameras.
•  The LED can show the DC voltage level, it changes from “Green” to “Red blinking”.
•  On the top handle which shape is just fitting to the PMW-300’s handgrip, there is “window” to see IrDA remote signal
   detector and Tally indicator.
•  There is a ¼-inch and 3 x M5 screw holes where any accessories can be attached.

ST-7S300 is exclusively designed for Sony XDCAM 4:2:2 PMW-300 camcorder. The best partner for Sony PMW-300 camcorder to realize the most comfortable operation style.

PMW-300 has remarkable lens mechanism, unique VF attachment and with many auto functions, which are very useful for easy shooting. The ST-7S300 dedicated shoulder mount rig increase the versatilty of the PMW-300 camera and provide an essential camera stability and the comfort of a shoulder mount camera.

V-Mount Battery Terminal - A V-mount battery attachment further expands your power options and allows a number of 3rd-party camera accessories to mount directly to the back-end of the rig. A 12VDC output (4-pin XLR-Female & D-Tap) is available to supply power to camera accessories and lights.

Combining Comfort & Simplicity - An integrated rubberized shoulder pad molds to any shoulder without slipping and maintains excellent balance and alleviates pain from the painful pressure points that are common in harder shoulder pads.

Quick Release Benefits - The ST-7JS300 is supplied with a mating plate for a quick release tripod plate, allowing it to attach directly to popular quick-release tripod adapters (compatible for Sony VCT-14).

ST-7S300 includes following three items:
1 x Main body
1 x Handle attachment
1 x DC cable
These can be carried separately from PMW-300 and easily rebuilt with a coin,
so that it is great benefit especially in case of travel by flight


ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount

 ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount
Product Code :ST7S300
Buy Sell Sales ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for Sony PMW-300

ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount
ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount

ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount
ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount
ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount
ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount
ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount

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Shoulder Support

Wired Intercom System


Camera Conversion System




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