9.Solutions Mini Rigging 3/8" Gag

9.Solutions Mini rigging 3/8" Gag

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 9.Soluions Mini Rigging 3/8" Gag

9.Solutions Mini Rigging 3/8" Gag
Product Code: 9.XR1011
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The 3/8” Gag allows two 3/8” (10mm) rods to be joined and positioned anywhere in 360 degrees. One 3/8” pass-thru receptacle is open so you can attach the 3/8” Gag at any point along a rod. The 3/8” Gag works perfectly for adding reinforcement components to a rig.
Weight:   60 g
Connection(s):   (2x) 3/8” (10mm) Pass-thru Receptacle


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