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As of year 2012, we celebrated 60 years anniversary.

Azden located Tokyo,Japan, we are very proud of such a long corporate history and, at the same time, we really appreciate all stakeholders around us, who helped our business. There is no way to keep our business if such supporters haven’t existed. We started as parts supplier used for turntable pickups. After a few decades from establishment, we started to provide products using radio, wireless technology. Now, we offer broad-range of products, such as wireless microphones, IR audio systems, headsets, etc. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge products, which inspire our customers and satisfied them as they feel value on our products.

Our portable VHF “PRO” wireless microphone systems have been the leaders in event and wedding videography fields. They are considered to have better RF than competitors priced considerably higher. The “PRO” series continues to evolve, with constantly improving circuitry. And new Ditigal Pro-Series is adapted newly developed 2.4GHz wireless circuity ensure your easy and crystal clear operation.

The 240-channel 310/330 Series UHF portable systems are rapidly being accepted as the best performing systems for those broadcast professionals wanting maximum flexibility of transmitter options and quality, at a reasonable price. 330 dual microphone input reciver is leading portable camera mount receiver in the video and broadcasting industry. And, the broadcast spec 1201 Series UHF systems set a new standard for performance and ease of use, while retaining the Azden tradition for quality at reasonable prices

To do so, we will keep pursuing innovation on both technology and productivity.

Azden: Creative Audio Techniques

Low Noise Audio Mixer
Azden, the leader in "quality audio for video" is proud to introduce the FMX-DSLR, a Low-Noise Audio mixer
 for professional videographer's arsenal.


Stereo Microphone
The 177mm long, dual uni-directional, electret-condensor mic is powered
by a single "AAA" battery
(not included) and features
a built-in cable with a 3.5mm stereo
mini plug. Comes with a windscreen
and camera hot-shoe mount.

Model: SMX-10

325UPR Dual-Channel UHF On-Camera Receiver
The 325 Series is a high quality dual-channel UHF camera-mount wireless system that features 188 User-Selectable frequencies displayed
on an LCD screen to assure you of always finding a "free" channel.



Super Cardiod Shotgun Microphone

SGM-3416 Super High End Shotgun Microphone for Studio and Field Recording - Phantom power operating.

Model: SGM-3416

Azden Pro Audio Wireless System
    Azden UHF Pro Audio Wireless Azden VHF Audio Wireless Azden DW-10
Azden UHF Pro Audio Wireless
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Azden VHF Audio Wireless
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Azden Digital Intercom
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 AZDEN Infrared System & Products
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Azden Microphones
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Azden Mixers
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Azden Wireless Headsets Azden Accessory  Azden Replacement Parts
Azden Wireless Headsets
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Azden Accessory
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