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Panasonic Memory Card Camera-Recorder AGHMC70E AG-HMC70E

Affordable, Point-and-Shoot HD Camcorder Offers Benefits of SD Card

Solid-state Recording with Professional Audio Flexibility

A Low-Cost, Professional-Style AVCHD Tapeless Camcorder with Excellent Image Quality, High Reliability and No Dropouts


The AG-HMC72 series is a low-cost HD camcorder that records onto memory cards to meet a wide range of image production needs. Its high-quality HD lens, 3CCD camera system, XLR audio inputs,BNC terminals and stable shoulder-held style enable top-quality HD recording for professional applications.

Employing the AVCHD format on SD/SDHC memory cards, the AG-HMC70 series boasts high reliability  against vibration, impacts and temperature change, for up to 360 minutes* of recording. It allows a wide range of users to get a start in tapeless HD image production.

*When using a 16-GB SDHC card and recording in HE (extended-time) mode.

















Product Code : AGHMC72
Shown with optional external Microphone

High Image Quality, High Reliability, Low Cost

• The 1/4-inch progressive 3CCD system captures Widescreen HD images with high sensitivity and resolution.

• Features a 38.5mm (35mm lens equivalent) wide-angle, 12x zoom lens with integrated optical image stabilizer.

• Provides pro-tuning color reproduction inheriting the color tones of Panasonic's professional HD camera series.

• Mechanism-free memory-card recording means high durability and reliability against vibration, impacts and temperature change.

• SD/SDHC memory cards are inexpensive, widely available, and can be repeatedly reused.

• Employs an AVCHD (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) codec with advanced technologies.

• Records up to 360 minutes* of high-resolution 1080i HD images.

* When using a 16-GB SDHC card and recording in HE (extended-time) mode.

Professional Features

• The shoulder-held design enables stable shooting with minimal blur, while light weight and excellent balance enhance stability during long recording sessions.

• Professional audio specifications include two XLR Mic/Line switchable inputs (+48V compatible), and both Auto & Manual Rec level dials.

• Component output (BNC x 3), composite output (BNC x 1), audio output (RCA x 2).

• Headphone output.

• Speaker provides clear sound, even in the field.

Other Functions and Specifications

• Thumbnail display on the 3-inch LCD monitor provides instant image access for easy confirmation or deletion.

• One-push auto focus.

• Still-image recording with 2.1-megapixel resolution, even while recording motion images.

• HDMI output, USB 2.0 (B-type devices).

• Options: VW-VBG6 5,800-mAH Battery, VW-W4307H Wide Conversion Lens, VW-T4314H Tele Conversion Lens

• Color Bar


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