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Final Cut Studio Tools for real-time video and Audio production
An expanded ProRes family. Powerful new ways to collaborate. Even tighter integration between applications. The leading post-production suite just got better.

Advancing the Art and Technology of filmmaking.

With more than 100 new features, the new Final Cut Studio advances the art and technology of filmmaking with innovations that help you work faster, collaborate more efficiently, and finish brilliantly.


Organise photos using Faces.
Faces makes it faster and easier to search thousands of photos for shots of a particular person.

  • Supports the complete Faces feature set in iPhoto and preserves Faces snapshots and assigned names.
  • Embeds assigned names as keywords when exporting images.
  • Shows faces that have been detected but not yet named.
  • Displays assigned faces within projects, making it easier to find photos of specific people.

Find a face in a crowd
Faces automatically detects faces in your photos. Once a face is detected and identified, Faces can recognize that face and then scan your entire library — or individual projects — to find others just like it. It can even find a specific face in group shots. The more you use Faces, the smarter and more accurate it gets, making it easier to find shots of a particular person.

Put a name to the face
When Faces shows you an unidentified face, simply type in the person’s name. When you export your final images, the name is embedded as a keyword.

Aperture takes Faces further
Aperture 3 expands on the power of Faces in iPhoto ’09. Not only can you view the people you name across the entire library, you can now see them in individual projects. And the new Show Unnamed Faces pane displays all the detected-but-not-yet-named faces in a project to help you easily add names.

Explore your photo library with Places.
Now you can use GPS location data to explore your photos by the places they were taken. Better still, find them on an interactive map.

  • Extends and enhances the Places feature set introduced in iPhoto and preserves all data imported from iPhoto.
  • Lets you drag photos to an interactive map to add location data.
  • Adds location data to photos when you import it from a third-party GPS tracking device or iPhone.
  • Allows easy adjustment of location data by dragging pins to a new location on the map

Organize your library by location, location, location
If you’re shooting with a GPS-enabled camera, Aperture 3 uses reverse geocoding to convert location coordinates into familiar location names, then displays those locations on the Places map. If you’re using a separate GPS tracking device, the path of your photo journey appears on the map when you import a track log. You can even extract locations from iPhone tracker apps or your iPhone photos. Which means you can instantly find all your Yellowstone photos, for example, without typing the word “Yellowstone.” Photos can be organized by country, state, city, or a point of interest such as Old Faithful or the park visitor center.

Put your photos on the map
If a photo doesn’t include GPS metadata, simply drag the photo to the spot on the map where you shot it. A pin appears. Then, when you’re searching for photos, use the map’s navigation menu to quickly find the location. When you click the pin, Aperture displays all the photos taken there.

Easy course corrections
If you need to change the location of your shot, drag the pin on the map across the street or across the country. The GPS data associated with the photo updates automatically, so you know where your photos are at all times.

Perfect images with brushes.
New non-destructive, edge-aware brushes let you selectively apply powerful adjustments to photos.

  • A set of 15 Quick Brushes handles the most common touch-up tasks, such as dodging and burning.
  • Nondestructive adjustments can be modified anytime.
  • Built-in edge detection lets you easily paint adjustments into specific parts of an image.
  • Powerful effects can be added with a series of brush strokes: for example, add spot color to black-and-white photos, blur backgrounds, smooth skin, and selectively darken or lighten any part of a photo.

Precise Brush Control
Brushes let you paint in a wide range of effects to selectively fine-tune your photos. With precise control of the size, softness, and strength of each brush, you can adjust only the parts of the image you want, leaving the rest untouched. For example, you can burn the green of a palm leaf lying on a beach to decrease the exposure and make it darker, without touching the rest of your photo. Or you can dodge just its shadow to increase the exposure and bring out the detail of the sand. No matter how much you change an image, you can always go back to the original.

Brush in special effects
Never before have so many special effect options been so easy to use. Smooth skin, change the color of the sky, blur the background, sharpen lines, intensify colors, and more.

Quick Brushes for quick fixes
Fifteen Quick Brushes handle the most common touch-up jobs with just a few strokes. Dodge and burn, for example, or add a polarizing effect. Smooth imperfections in skin, reduce saturation, or sharpen detail. All Quick Brushes are easily accessible from the tool strip.

Brush inside the lines.
The Detect Edges option helps you make adjustments exactly where you want them. Say your image is of a dark mountain skyline against a red sunset. The brush actually sees the edge of the mountain, so you can brush color into the silhouetted mountain without splashing color into the sky. Or darken the red of the sunset without affecting the mountain. Detect Edges makes retouching easier and saves you time.

Add professional imaging effects with adjustment presets.
Dozens of new adjustment presets give your photos a wide range of looks. In just one click.

  • Apply any combination of adjustment settings, including Auto Exposure and Auto Levels, with a single click.
  • Choose from dozens of ready-to-use presets, easily create your own presets, or import presets from friends and colleagues.
  • Adjust images using presets that emulate processing styles (such as cross-processing) and camera looks (such as instant, toy, or antique).
  • See the results of any preset in a live preview window before applying it to an image.

    One-click quick fixes
    Ready-to-use Quick Fix adjustment presets sharpen images, pump up vibrancy, perform quick exposure shifts, make easy white balance changes, and recover blown highlights. You can also experiment with a variety of effects, from sepia to cross process color shifts to black-and-white in different contrast grades. Apply any combination of adjustments with a single click. And because adjustments are non-destructive in Aperture 3, another click can remove effects and return your photo to its original state.

    Experiment with different processing techniques and styles.
    How would your photo look in sepia? Or in high-contrast black and white? What if the shot had been taken with a toy camera? Adjustment presets let you apply these effects and others instantly to a single photo or across an entire project.

    Instantly see adjustments in a preview screen.
    It’s easy to see how different adjustment presets will change your image. Move your cursor over the different preset options, and a pop-up window previews the image in each effect as quickly as you can scroll.

    Create your own adjustment presets.
    If you’ve created just the right look for a photo and want to apply it across a project, Aperture 3 saves you hours of work. Just save your refinements as an adjustment preset and apply it wherever and whenever you like. You can also import adjustment presets created by other Aperture users or export your own to share.

Navigate your entire library with a Full-screen Browser.
Take advantage of your Apple display to get a big, uncluttered, full-screen view of your library.

  • Take full advantage of your widescreen display to browse projects and image thumbnails in a clean, uncluttered, full-screen interface.
  • Use the Library Path Navigator to move among folders, projects, and albums, easily navigating even massive photo libraries.
  • Navigate all your projects, albums, and folders without leaving the full-screen Browser.
  • Double-click any thumbnail to instantly see the photo full screen.

    Full-Screen Everything
    Browse through your entire library in the full-screen Browser, quickly moving from project to project without leaving full-screen view. Make selects and compare them side by side. Zoom from 25 percent to 1000 percent to study details. Even browse your video. All on your brilliant Apple display.

    No obstructions, no distractions.
    You want to see your photos, not control panels. The Aperture 3 Vanishing HUD feature lets you temporarily hide the Adjustments inspector so you can work on your photos full screen, with nothing in the way. Just select the control you want and hold down the Shift key. Everything but that control melts away, leaving you an unobstructed view of your work.

    Instantly browse through your projects.
    With Aperture 3, browsing through your library becomes a visual feast. Use the Library Path Navigator to instantly move between projects, then view resizable thumbnails using every inch of your screen. Not only is it easier to find what you’re looking for, you get a beautiful view of all the great shots you’ve taken.

The complete picture. At an astounding price.

The must-have upgrade to Apple's industry-leading production suite, Final Cut Studio brings together the latest versions of four powerful, integrated products: Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro, Motion 2 and DVD Studio Pro 4.

Final Cut Pro 5
Real-time editing for DV, SD, HD, and film.

Make videos and movies in any format with Final Cut Pro 5, a major upgrade to Apple's award-winning video editing application. It features powerful new multicamera editing, native HDV support, precision editing tools, scalable real-time effects processing, advanced real-time color correction and image manipulation filters and audio control surface support.

Soundtrack Pro
Precision audio editing. Powerful sound design.

Introducing Soundtrack Pro, Apple's revolutionary new audio editing and sound design application. Use action-based editing to creatively design new sounds, instantly repair imperfect location recordings, add perfect sound effects or musical Apple Loops, save hours bringing audio in and out of your video editor thanks to seamless integration with Final Cut Pro and more.

Motion 2
Advanced animation. Instant gratification.

Motion 2 is Apple's award-winning professional motion graphics application offering breakthrough functionality and seamless workflow to artists, editors and independent producers. Whether you're animating broadcast graphics, corporate presentations, feature film titles, or DVD menus, you'll find an original, fresh toolset and new features such as GPU-accelerated rendering, amazing new filters and effects and more.

DVD Studio Pro 4
Redefining professional DVD authoring. Again.

Whether you produce demo reels, complex commercial titles or anything in between, DVD Studio Pro 4 offers simple, powerful tools for authoring DVDs. The latest upgrade introduces the next-generation of DVD delivery with HD DVD support for both H.264 and HDV and advanced authoring options like Alpha Transitions and multiple video and audio tracks.

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