Canon EOS 5D Kit DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 5D Kit

Digital Still Camera


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Canon EOS 5D Kit Digital Camera

Canon EOS 5D Kit DSLR Camera
Product Code: EOS5DKIT EF24-105mm
EOS 5D Kit
EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
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Optional Accessories

Shoulder Mount Adapter for DSLR Camera

Less than USD 3000
*Note:Power Converter Set is not inclusive within MB400FULLKIT
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Carl Zeiss
Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2
Compact Prime Lens
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EF-mount Interchangeable
Mount Set


SMX-10 High Performance Stereo Microphone

ECZ-990 Shotgun Microphone

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Lite Panels



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LP-MicroPro Hybrid  
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Petrol Bags



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Optional Accessories

MX Glide
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Vocas DSLR kits

Vocas 0210-2000

Vocas 0250-2000
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Buy Sell Sales Vocas 0250-2000

Vocas 0255-2300

Vocas 0255-3300
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Buy Sell Sales Vocas 0255-3300

Vocas 0255-3310
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Vocas DSLR Rig

Vocas DSLR rail support:

Vocas Handgrip set with two handgrips:

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Vocas 15mm offset bracket:

Vocas 15mm
Shoulder support:

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Vocas MatteBox

MB-210 (#0200-0210)

MB-250 (#0200-0250)

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MB-430 (#0400-0430)


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Vocas Manual Focus Controller

Sennheiser Microphone

MFC-1 (#0500-2300)

Sennheiser MKE 400

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BeachTek Camera XLR Adapters

DXA-SLR XLR Adapter with Built-in Preamplifiers

DXA-5Da - Passive
XLR Adapter

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MultiMount 5D


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Vocas Mattebox Accessories
Handgrip Kit w / 1 Handgrip
Handgrip Kit w / 2 Handgrip
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Vocas Handgrip
Vocas Combi Rail Bracket
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Vocas Handgrip Extender
15mm Shoulder Support
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Optional Accessories
Kipon Adapter Ring
Nikon-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Nikon-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Canon FD-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Canon FD-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Leica R-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Leica R-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Hasselblad-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Hasselblad-Canon EOS
Mount Adapter
Voigtlander Retina DKL-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Voigtlander Retina DKL-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
 Buy Sell Sales Nikon-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Canon FD-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Leica R-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Hasselblad-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Voigtlander Retina DKL-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
M42-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
M42-Canon EOS Mount Adapter

Contax/Yashica-Canon EOS Mount Adapter


Mamiya 645-Canon EOS Mount Adapter


Pentax 67-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Pentax K-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Pentax K-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Buy Sell Sales M42-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Contax/Yashica-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Mamiya 645-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Pentax 67-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Pentax K-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Pentax 645-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Pentax 645-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Minolta MD-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Minolta MD-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Nikon G-Canon EOS Mount Adapter

Nikon G-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Olympus OM-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Olympus OM-Canon EOS Mount Adapter
Buy Sell Sales Pentax 645-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Minolta MD-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Nikon G-Canon EOS Mount Adapter Buy Sell Sales Olympus OM-Canon EOS Mount Adapter  

Exceptional Digital SLR Performance
• High-resolution 10.1-megapixel to record high resolution images
• APS-H size CMOS sensor developed and manufactured by Canon, with noise reduction technology to capture images with greater clarity and colour fidelity
• Dual "DIGIC III" Imaging Processors for improved colour reproduction for razor sharp images at accelerated processing speed
• 3-layer Optical Low Pass Filter for reducing red fringing and colour casts
• Wide ISO speed range of ISO 100-3200 (1/3-stop increments, extendable - L: 50/ H: 6400)
• Customisable White Balance Settings - enables you to manually set up to 5 different personal custom white balance options, especially useful when shooting under multiple lighting conditions as you can switch white balance setting quickly and easily
- The custom white balance can be registered with up to five images shot on the spot, in addition to registering it from an image in the memory card
- The lowest colour temperature has been extended to 300K, while selectable range has been expanded to 2500K - 10000K with 100K increments

• Highlight Tone Priority - To give your images better colour rendition for a more lifelike feel, this function improves gradation within highlight areas
- It effectively preventing your photos from suffering a 'whitewash' effect when shooting under bright conditions

• Shoot to Small RAW (sRAW) Type Files - able to shoot using a new sRAW image format, which is approximately a quarter of the pixel count (approx. 2.5 megapixels) and takes up only half the space of standard RAW Type files (approx. 7.6MB)
- A handy substitute for the JPEG Type files, sRAW Type can be processed and adjusted with the provided EOS Utility software. This is useful for photographers who want the versatility of the RAW Type for snapshots, but do not require their images to be at the highest possible resolution

High speed & quick response
• Fast continuous shooting speed of 10 fps (max burst of 110 JPEG Type-Large shots)
• Shutter speeds of 1/8000 sec.and X-Sync speed of 1/300 sec to capture fast moving subject
• Fast 0.2 sec. startup time
• More burst frame of 30 RAW Type images

Robust Body with Rugged Design
• Magnesium alloy body for toughness and durability
• High shutter durability of 300,000 cycles for outstanding camera reliability and performance
• Large 3-inch LCD monitor (approximately 230,000 pixels resolution offers wider viewing angle with visibly clearer images and larger text

New Innovative Features
• Redesigned Control System for Maximum Operability - To make the camera more user-friendly, the camera's control system was built from ground up to allow it to incorporate new and innovative features that make it easier to access the various functions of the camera

• New Power Supply System - EOS-1D Mark III uses a new 2300mAh High-Capacity Li-ion battery that is smaller and lighter but lasts up to approx. 1.5 times longer than its predecessor. Battery life indication can also be displayed in percentage terms for higher accuracy

• New External Device Interface - For faster data transmission, the camera has adopted the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface, which has transfer rates of up to 480Mbps. It comes with a USB cable protector that ensures the cable does not get disconnected or pulled out accidentally

• Recording on Secondary Media - When in shooting mode, the camera can automatically switch to a secondary media when the main recording media is full. This allows you to shoot without any interruptions
- The same image can also be captured in different image sizes of your choice, and saved separately into the primary or secondary media. In addition to this, the same image can also be recorded simultaneously onto all recording media. - EOS-1D now fully supports High-Capacity SD Cards (SDHC) that has storage capacities ranging from 2GB to as much as 32GB

• Additional Copy and Back-Up Options - EOS-1D Mark III has been enhanced with copying and back-up options for more flexible media handling

- User can now copy single images or entire folders from the camera's primary (CompactFlash card) to secondary (SD card) recording media or vice versa

When used in tandem with the WFT-E2 Wireless File Transmitter, you can also back-up files and folders from the camera to your computer or external media using the camera's Quick Back-Up function

EOS Integrated Cleaning System (EOS I.C.S.)
New EOS Integrated Cleaning System- Canon's comprehensive measure to minimise effects of dust
• Includes both Self Cleaning Sensor Unit (hardware) and Dust Delete Function (software)
• Manual Sensor cleaning is also available
• Self Cleaning Sensor Unit - Uses camera's front infrared-absorption glass which ultrasonically vibrate in an undulating pattern by 2 thin, single later piezoelectric elements to shake off dusts adhered to the glass
• Dust Delete Function
Camera detects the registers the location and size of extremely sticky dust adhering to the low-pass filter and then appends this information (dust delete date) to the image taken. The Digital Photo Professional 2.2 (DPP2.2) software detects this data appended to the image to execute dust deletion.

Picture Style

Just like selecting the film type on a conventional camera, users can get the optimum image by selecting the correct setting
• 6 image composition modes available and the range of factors that photographers usually consider previously when selecting film type - sharpness, contrasts, color tone, saturation can be adjusted: 1) Standard- vivid and sharp images (general shooting)
2) Portrait- beautiful skin tones and clear image quality
3) Landscape- vivid blues and greens, enhanced sharpness
4) Neutral-natural color reproduction, low sharpness and moderate expression
5) Faithful-extremely accurate color reproduction in daylight
6) Monochrome- black and white or sepia images
• 3 custom user-defined modes available
• More Picture Style files can be downloaded from Canon website- Twilight, Clear, Autumn Hues, Nostalgia and Emerald

Versatile Features for Absolute Control
• 45 point with selectable 19-point cross plus 26 assist points area AF - High precision 19-point (selectable) cross F2.8 (vertical line detection) and F5.6 (horizontal line detection)
- 26 assist points (not freely selectable) operates during AI Servo/AF frame region AF working range EV-1 to 18 (room temperature/ISO 100) for improved performance during low light (brightness) shooting

• 63-division metering sensor - Metering modes:
» Evaluation/partial/spot/centre
» Spot metering from any of 19 AF-points supported
» Also supports spot metering based on AF points and multi-spot metering
• ISO/Exposure safety shift to achieve optimum image exposure

Live View Mode
• The new Live View Mode greatly enhances your shooting experience by introducing a whole slew of innovative functions
• Remote Live View Shooting available
• Live View Mode - Real-time Viewfinder display on LCD screen - 100% field of view
- Precise focusing with 5x, 10x magnification
- Ability to simulate exposure
- Displays aspect ratio/grids
- Ability to frame/focus while using big images on a PC monitor
- Makes it possible to check moire, & false colour

New Custom Functions
• For unprecedented control over the EOS-1D Mark III, new custom functions have been included in the camera for added functionality such as C.Fn III-11: AF point auto selection, C.Fn IV-6: Dial Direction during Tv/Av and others

Shoot, Print It Direct
• Print photos directly to any PictBridge-compliant printers without using a computer
• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed for fast and easy transfer of large files to computer

• Compatible with MS Windows and Mac operating systems

Bundled Software
• EOS Digital Solution Disk 14.0 contains useful software like ZoomBrowser EX, Image Browser, PhotoStitch

Image Sensor
Type CMOS sensor
Effective Pixels Approx. 12.80 megapixels
Size (mm) 35.8 x 23.9 mm
Focal Length Conversion Factor 1x
Recording System
Recording Media Compact Flash
Recording Pixels (JPEG Type) Approx. 1270/ 670 /420 megapixels
RAW Type + JPEG Type Yes (Separate RAW Type & JPEG Type files)
JPEG Type Quality Fixed at Fine/Normal
Picture Styles Yes (7)
Processing Parameters Incorporated in Picture Styles
Color Matrix Incorporated in Picture Styles
Color space SRGB/ Adobe RGB
Noise Reduction Auto/On
Backup Mode Not available
Folder Creation Created by Auto, Manual, or File No.reset
Selectable Save Folder Yes
Max.Images Per Folder 9999
Imaging Processor
Imaging Processor DIGIC II
White Balance
Settings 9
WB Bracketing Blue/Amber/Magenta/Green bias: 3 levels , 3 images with one shot
WB Correction (Levels) Blue/Amber/ Magenta/Green bias: 9 levels
Coverage Approx. 96%
Magnification 0.71x
Eyepoint 20mm
Dioptric adjustment 3.0 - +1.0 dpt
Focusing screen Type: Precision Matte / Interchangeable: 3 ( sold separately)
AF Points 9 (+ 6 Assist AF points)
Focusing Modes One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF
AF Point Selection Multi-controller
50 kph predictive AF 8
AF-assist beam type External flash
Exposure Control
Sensor Zones 35
Metering Modes (Metering Range %) Evaluative, Partial at center (8), Center weighted averaged, Spot at center (3.5)
Full Auto Yes
P, Tv, Av, M, Bulb Yes
Image Select, A-DEP Not available
ISO speed (stops) 100-1600 (1/3) L: 50, H: 3200
E-TTL II AutoFlash Evaluative metering: Yes
Averaged metering: Yes
Shutter Speeds 1/8000 - 30 sec, bulb
X-sync 1/200 sec
Built in Flash
Built in Flash Not available
Drive Modes Single/Continuous
Continuous Shooting 3 fps
Max. Burst JPEG Type (Large): 60
RAW Type: 17
LCD Monitor
Screen Size 2.5 inches
Pixels displayed Approx.230, 000 pixels
Display Modes Single, Single image with Info, 9-image Index
Histogram Brightness/RBG Yes
Highlight Alert Yes
AF Point Display Yes
Magnified View Approx. 1.5 - 10x
Jump By 10 shots/100 shots/date/folder
Image Rotation Auto/Manual
Custom Functions (Qty/settings)
Custom Functions (Qty/settings) 21/57
Camera Setting Registration (Save)
Camera Setting Registration (Save) Yes (Mode Dial)
Data Verification Data
Data Verification Data Yes
Wireless/wired LAN
Wireless/wired LAN Yes
External Interface
PC Port USB 2.0 Hi-speed
Remote Control Terminal N3-type
Power Source
Shots Remaining 800
Battery BP-511A
Start-up Time 0.2
Material Magnesium alloy
Operating Environment/Relative Humidity
Operating Environment/Relative Humidity 0° - 40°C, 85% or lower
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (W X H X D) 152 x 113 x 75 mm
Weight 810 g (body only)
All the specifications above are based on Canon's testing standards.
The camera's specifications and physical appearance are subject to change without notice.
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