Hard Carrying case / Flight Case 
Model: EEHC400


Model: EEHC400
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Dimension : 630x375x410
Weight : 10 kg
With carrying handle, trolley wheel and Trolley handle

For full size professional camcorders 
Applicable Model : DSR-390PL, DSR-400PL, DSR450WSP , DSR-570WSPL etc DSR570 DSR570WSPL

  Solid Construction for rough handling Incorporate Trolley for ease of handling Gross Weight : 10kg
Dimension : 630x375x410

   Camcorder embedded in the cushion for Maximum Protection
 Wide Interior space to allow more storage of other accessories
 3 internal compartments to store accessories

  Solid Construction , all rounded edge with Strong hinges DSR400 DSR400PL DSR400P DSR450 DSR450WSPL